Meribee Me Subscription Box Review- A Monthly Gift Box For those with Chronic Conditions

Disclaimer – The items were gifted

Two weeks ago I had endometriosis laparoscopy excision surgery (I know, what a mouthful!). So it was perfect timing to receive the Meribee Me Subscription Box which is designed to cheer up people with chronic conditions.

In an interesting turn, it arrived the day of my birthday, coincidence? I think not! 😉 So when I opened it I filmed the unboxing and posted it on my Instagram feed.

So What Was in the Box?

Sleeping Mask RRP £10 – such a cute sleeping mask it was in the shape of a llama. Lovely and furry on the outside and silky on the inside (sensory win!). 

Chocolate Bar RRP £1 (estimated) – Dark chocolate (my favourite) with hazelnuts and very tasty!

Little Clock RRP £3.50 – Now as a person with ADHD having extra clocks is always a good thing but as a person with Aspergers I can’t cope with ticking clocks because I can’t filter the noise out, I prefer digital only in my house. Saying this, it is a charming little clock and I’m sure I can find a non-autistic friend who will enjoy it.

Travel Mug RRP £9 – The caption on this is perfect for my personality and actually when I previewed the box this was the item I was looking forward to receiving the most. 

Coffee pin RRP £7.99 (estimated) – Every month the pin is different this month it was in the shape of a coffee mug and said Fulled By Coffee. Very charming!

Monthly Activity Set – DIY Coasters RRP £12.99 – When you have no choice but to lye in bed and watch tv while getting my strength back, it’s useful to have something to keep my mind busy. These very charming woodlands creature themed coasters are a great activity to take your mind off the pain. This was one of my favourite ideas for the box and I’m hoping one month might be a colouring set. It also came with very easy to follow instructions.

Cat Shaped Nail File RRP £1 – Very handy for on the go and extra cute that it’s in the shape of a cat.

Sheep Socks RRP £3.50 – Adorable sheep socks for days your feeling a bit funky. Kept my feet warm in bed. 

How Much Is The Box?

Price £24-264 depending on the plan you choose. You can pay month to month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in advance.

Overall Review

Charming little box with products that are great value for money. The lama mask and the coffee mug suited my personality so well, so they were my favourites. I like the idea of a different pin every month. I can’t wait to see what she puts in the box next month.

I like having sneak teasers about what is upcoming in the next box but I love the element of surprise, so if you guys agree, comment below and let Meribee Me know. As this was her first box, to get the crowd interested I believe this is why she shared a preview of all the items in the box. 

Go to Meribee website to subscribe and find out more. Use my code SPOONFUL to get a free gift with your second box when you sign up to the 3 months or more packages. 

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20 Ignorant Things People Say When You Tell Them You’re on the Autistic Spectrum

All these are real examples from adults on the Autistic Spectrum – mainly Aspergers Syndrome. Also, I have inserted my own humour/sarcasm after the quotes. I’m pointing this out because sometimes ASD people don’t pick up on this. We aren’t good at recognising tones of voices. 

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and with that in mind, I thought it was time for another autistic themed blog post.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be a confusing condition to understand and as it’s a hidden condition, it’s not something you can immediately see on a person. This makes it regularly misunderstood. Most people have heard of autism and already have their own idea of what it is from their encounters with autistic people. What they don’t understand is it as spectrum and it affects all of us differently. 

That being said nothing makes us want to pull our hair out more than the responses we get to it. So sit back, laugh and groan at all these relatable reactions we get when we have told someone that we are on the Autistic Spectrum.

“You seem normal to me.” – What is normal? And how did I qualify? I never took the normal person test.

“But you’re so pretty!” – What so you have to be ugly to have autism?! Autism has nothing to do with appearances!

“My daughter has mild autism.” – There is no mild autism…you either have it or you don’t.

“Oh that explains it.” – Groan.

You don’t look autistic.”  – This classic remark again…now tell me what does an autistic person look like?!

“You can’t have aspergers because you a ‘insert job title here.’” – Yes autistic people can hold down good jobs. Surprise, surprise!

“Ahhh…that makes sense.” – What? Did my blue scaly skin tip you off? No so what was it?

“You’ve always been a bit strange.” – And you’ve always been an asshole but what’s new?

“Everyone’s a bit autistic.” – Don’t minimize my condition please.

“Does that mean you’re a retard?” – No that kind of slur is outdated and offensive, so just no.

“I don’t think you are.” – Are you a psychologist? No!

“But you can talk and do not flap your arms and spin around!” – A can also swear…want to see?

“You can’t be autistic, my child is autistic and you are nothing like him.” – That’s why it’s called a spectrum!!

“Are you sure?” – YES I AM so is my well-trained, expensive psychologist who diagnosed me!

“Oh, so you must be high functioning.” – Well, technically aspergers has also been called high functioning autism but believe us we aren’t functioning.  We are just about functioning. 

“So are you smart like these famous people with autism” – I don’t know but I’m not about to do your taxes for you.

“That explains a lot.” – Explains what??? Now I’m paranoid!

“How did you go to college?” – The same way as you….I applied and got in.

“Are you just saying that to make me feel better?” – Yes, I got diagnosed just for the sake of this conversation…

“So are you like Rain Man?” – Yes he’s my cousin… No..not really.

Now for some harmless things people say:

“That must have been a shock.”

“I didn’t notice.”

“We figured.”

“I would never have known.”

And Finally A Relateable Video on This Topic by Autistamatic

Can you relate? Have you heard something that isn’t on the list? Let me know in the comments.

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Disclaimer: The people in the photos are models from a stock image.

Angry face: Andre Hunter 

People photo: Eliott Reyna