#AbledsAreWeird: People with Disabilities ​Who Share Frustrating ​and Weird Experiences

What Is An Abled?

Abled is an able-bodied person who isn’t disabled.

What Is The Hashtag #AbledsAreWeird About?

It’s a topic started on Twitter to point out the things people who aren’t disabled do to disabled people without realising how weird, intrusive or offensive they are being.

Who Started This Hashtag?

The hashtag was started by Imani Barbarin, also known as Twitter user Crutches&Spice. She started the hashtag, she told Aj Plus, “Because I was reflecting on some of the weird experiences that I’ve had as a disabled person. I just remember feeling off put by some of the behaviour able-bodied people had towards me.” “There’s a lot of disrespect of disabled people’s autonomy under the guise of ‘oh, I’m just trying to help’ And it allows people to believe that disabled people cant consent to what they want for their bodies.”

“You should be respecting disabled people’s bodies. You should be respecting their voices and you should be making yourself ally rather than a hindrance to disabled people’s lives.”

Other Twitter Users Joined In With The Hashtag:

Finally, I contributed to the hashtag as well:

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